An Outstanding Track-Record

At Oryan, our vast experience is a major asset to our clients. Founded by Israeli business specialist Eran Eizik, Oryan has completed scores of successful transactions and profitable agreements for a distinguished line up of leading Israeli and international organizations, across multiple sectors including water, hi-tech, semiconductor, financial services, health services, defense, food, communications and retail.

Eran created Oryan as an optimal, results-oriented solution for international companies and entrepreneurs targeting Israel’s receptive, high-potential marketplace. His broad experience was gained in senior management and business development roles – serving as director of HP, CEO of Cyber, partner with the Programa group, and CEO at DAAT tailor-made tourist services. As consultant to the Israel Export Institute, the Ministry of Economy and the Israel Industry Association – Eran has a track-record promoting the interests of Israeli exporters and foreign companies operating in Israel, and has forged many close relationships with governmental offices in Israel and Israeli commercial attachés abroad.


Israeli water consortium (IWC)


Shikun & Binui Water

The hi-tech industry













Banking & finances

Phoenix Insurance

Union Bank

Bank of America

Food & beverages




Mei Eden


Coca-Cola Israel


Ministry of Defense (MOD)

Israeli Navy

Israel Aircraft Industry (IAI)




Bezeq Int



Ribua Kachol


Shaarei Zedek Hospital


Clalit Health Services

Shiba Medical Center

Higher education

The Israeli Institute of Technology (Technion)

Ben Gurion University

Tel Aviv University

private colleges


חברות חקלאות סביב אקספו מילנו 2015






VP Business Development, HP

Complete responsibility for Israel’s strategy while developing a close working relationship and full collaboration with HP corporate management in the US and Europe. Among new sectors and major industries Eran led during his position were: Penetrating the banking industry, defence industry, healthcare, distribution for printers and much more…..

Getting HP Global into Israel’s Bank Igud against the Odds

The Challenge

As part of my business development role for Global HP, I was given the goal of penetrating the banking sector – a tough challenge due to very strong competition of local providers and the fact that HP lacked a presence in the market.

The Solution

I found out about an important project in one of Israel’s largest banks and arranged meetings to present HP. The bank’s management and its consulting firm said that it was a waste of time because there were clearly better, well-known local solutions. With just two weeks left to enter the screening process, I decided to try against all odds.

Taking the initiative, I travelled abroad for 10 days of meetings with 20 HP international partners in the banking sector. I chose a company in Singapore with development tools that I believed would offer significant added value to the Israeli market. While abroad, I succeeded in entering the screening process, andafter six weeks of rigorous testing we were chosen as one of the possible solutions.

In light of this, I found a major bank in South Africa employing the same system and organized for the target bank’s management to visit South Africa. I also organized a management visit to the technology provider in Singapore.

Back in Israel I found an Israeli systems expert who had experience with the Singapore system and I hired him as a subcontractor to help me technically with the sales process.

The Result

After a complex, yearlong process, we won the tender. The project also resulted in further cooperation with the Bank of America and other large corporations. Despite being a ‘huge surprise’ for HP, I was confident from the beginning that we had a strong chance of winning.

Becoming a Strategic Customer for IAI- Global Software and Hardware Solution

The Challenge

As Israel’s largest customer, every company wanted to work with Israel Aircraft Industries. Against HP management’s expectations, I decided to make a move to penetrate the corporate level of the IAI.

The Solution

The process took two whole years and involved competing against a leading incumbent with an existing 5-year agreement, as well as managing a matrix of multiple decision-makers with different interests, and a skeptical HP management.

I conducted a strategic sales process at each IAI plant and central application companies in which I persuaded IAI decision-makers to trial HP’s systems together with strategic sales in front of the whole IAI management. In parallel, we managed to get this project placed as one of Global HP’s shortlist of strategic projects – winning us full technological, financial and management support. The move was accompanied with IAI’s management visiting HP’s Global offices abroad, calls with similar strategic customers and technology experiments on the ground.

The Result

The process I led resulted in closing a global deal worth tens of millions of dollars (which continues to this day). This was an exceptional case where procurement management, who had already approved an order, decided to switch to HP instead.

Penetrating a Strategic Customer – Elta-Hardware and Software

I detected that Elta, an independent company from IAI, had an international flagship project for competing equipment from HP. I got HP Europe involved and within 18 months we were able to convince the Elta client and Elta to use HP instead of the competitor. Over the years, the project has yielded over $ 100 million.

Bringing a medium sized Israeli company to new markets in Israel

The Challenge

To open up new markets within Israel for an established Israeli company specializing in cleaning parts in clean rooms for the semiconductor industry.

The Solution

In an “outside the box” strategic process we identified new market segments in which the company had no presence, but where its capabilities and accumulated knowledge could be an added value. Following a re-branding process we created new marketing materials, and defined new markets for the company: wide printers, treating of inkheads for wide printers, assemblies for the printing industry, integrator operations and international companies in the semiconductor industry.

The Result

We opened up new markets to the company – markets which the company was not active in and had not previously considered.

Enabling a small company to establish a foothold in several large enterprises

The Challenge

My client was a company in its infancy (specializes in Incentives management for mid size and large organizations) and wanted to build relationships with well-known companies either in Israel and also on an international level.

The Solution

I began by rebranding the company, identifying vertical fields of companies that had the greatest “pain points”, and clarifying the marketing story – why such a system was necessary, why one should buy it and make an actual sale. Given the fact that there were already sales with leading Israeli companies, some of which belonged to international companies, I made the decision to start penetrating Israeli firms too. In this context, I targeted large enterprises in a number of sectors.

After an intensive year and a half of strategic sales processes in front of various decision makers in the management of diverse organizations we were able to penetrate flagship organizations such as Coca-Cola, Osem (Uniliver Israel), Bezeq International, Pelephone, Eden International, Netvision, Blue Square and more.

The Results

We successfully closed sales with several large organizations.

Biotechnology: Penetration to the Israeli market

An international biotech company with a unique platform for complex research projects in personalized medicine active in the US, Japan, South America and Israel, with HQ in Germany wanted to penetrate Israel’s market


We helped the company penetrate Israel’s market through rapidmarket assessment, a professional strategic sales and business development process including technical seminars to researchers in leading research institutions and commercial companies, flagship projects and targeted business development activities.We handledthe seminars in the first 2 months through a professional organizationwell known in this field. This enabled us to get to major decision makers much faster. We saved at least 1 year of sales and BD efforts through this collaboration
Our work resulted in high sale volumes and establishing a strategically important foothold to promote its activities with major pharmaceutical companies
More than that, the Israeli collaboration and success influenced international activities with the biggest global pharma companies

Leading Israeli Water Treatment System: Strategic Process for Entering a New Country – Locating a Preferred Target Country and First Overseas Customers and partners

I joined the project after the company had decided to expand internationally, specifically to Africa. After a quick strategic analysis of the solution and the SWOT, I recommended the US market as well as a specific country in Europe which was a much better direction and saved a lot of resources and time that could be wasted on a wrong direction.

As part of the strategy, I conducted a rebranding process for the foreign markets and led business development for the US market. On one of my trips, I met a senior executive from JACOBS, one of the world’s major international engineering firms, who remarked: “What Eran did in one year in the US, no American could do in three years.”

The Results:

In a short time, I managed to place the company’s technology in a comprehensive report which was distributed to thousands of relevant organizations throughout the United States which placed the company at the forefront of the field and gave important legitimization to the solution.

In addition, a pilot was started with one of the largest water corporations in the US with the important benefit of being a private, not a government, water corporation in relation to decision-making and budgets. This corporation had dozens of potential projects in connection to the solution installed as a pilot.

Water Consortium

Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions, Command and Control: Strategy and Execution; Establishing a Venture in a New Field within Several International Markets.

Initiation, development, construction and management of a water technology consortium: The consortium was established from concept stage to meetings with 60 Israeli companies in the field of water and wastewater and selecting eight leading companies with complementary technologies that address a range of issues.
Expansion of the companies’ operations in Western Europe (specifically, Italy), the United States, India and China
ROI of hundreds of thousands of shekels per year to the companies and joint activities that led to commercial breakthroughs due to the activities of the consortium
The consortium was operational for several years
I implemented marketing and business development for all levels of the consortium and companies and initiated a new activity in several countries and territories thanks to the consortium’s activities and state support
In addition to commercial activities, I managed all the contact with the Ministry of Economy at the consortium and company level including quarterly reports and transfer of funds to companies on a quarterly basis
This also included getting new approval for the Consortium at the end of each year. The consortium competed for limited government budgets versus proposals of many other consortiums so winning the consortium budget each year and in particular during the first year required a determined and complex sales activity with a number of government offices and the Israeli companies in the consortium.Agricultural technologies: Establishment of an enterprise in a new region – Expo Milano 2015

Initiated meetings with around 100 companies from the agro agriculture field, including research institutions, start-ups and leading international companies.

Through a number of trips to Italy, I together with my 2 partners organized meetings with dozens of agricultural cooperatives, huge farms, municipalities and research centers as the focus was the link between Israeli technologies and their implementation on the ground in order to create a practical/real viewing during Expo Milano 2015.

Most leading Israeli companies were interested in this project, together with tens of SMEs.

We worked for months with the Ministry of Economy to get them involved in this project in order to build a proper budget for three years

Successful business relationships were formed between Israeli and Italian companies for international cooperation.

Penetrating a strategic customer as part of market education – Intel-app software for transportation system management

The Challenge

I was representing a system used for the optimization of distribution routes and sales territories.

We adapted a system intended for the general field of distribution to transportation and started a sales process. After a few months we heard that another system had won the tender. In an organization like Intel, changing this decision was considered impossible. But nevertheless, with determination and extraordinary creativity we reversed the decision and won the project, something that in an organization like Intel is considered unlikely and impossible

Software solution for Coca Cola – Strategic penetration as part of market education

Together with a software company, the company developed an application for the optimization of distribution routes and planning of sales territories. Coca-Cola was the first customer the company developed the app for.

I represented an international company named DESCARTES with a similar solution and in order to penetrate the Israeli market it was vital to get into Coke. This task was especially difficult due to the joint application developed by Coca-Cola and the other company. After a few months of complex selling there was significant interest in purchase on condition that they receive a large discount which could make the deal no longer worthwhile. After complex negotiations, regarding the technological, commercial aspects and pricing, we won the deal which was ultimately also very profitable.

Other companies that have implemented the system include Supersol, YaforaTabori and many others.

Penetrating the Israeli market – Global Financial Management Software System –

An international company was interested in the Israeli market and operated through a local representative who sought my assistance to penetrate the Israeli market.

When he turned to me at the first stage the target audience was unclear, there was no strategy and a lot of trials with no success. One of the first steps I did was focus mainly on international English speaking companies and companies with the greatest “pain” points. It made a big difference for the rest of the project once the focus was in the right direction. We performed a market assessment, created a list of relevant companies, did business development and strategic thinking and initial meetings we entered preliminary sales processes, some of which have led to sales in practice in leading companies such as Amiad and others.

Educating the Market – Sides – Distribution Center Management System

Computerized warehouse management systems were just starting and part of the market education I created in my role as CEO of Cyber from Programa group. There were no automated computerized systems then, but different methods developed by organizations on the local level.

Educating the Market – Simulation Systems

The Rockwell simulation system needed to penetrate the Israeli market. We decided to target academic institutions in order to ultimately reach industrial and management streams. We realized that as long as the students gained knowledge and familiarity with the system, they then adopted it in their own industries when they reached relevant roles. This creative strategy proved itself and the system became common in organizations such as Sheva, the Clalit health fund, the Ministry of Defense, industrial companies and more.

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