COVID-19 research projects

Support and collaborate in COVID-19 research projects to find a cure and vaccination

Eran Eizik of Oryan is representing Sirion Biotech ( ) in Israel. We are currently working on ways to fight COVID-19 most efficiently by joining forces with R&D groups in Israel and worldwide.

Sirion Biotech is Europe’s leading viral vector facility, enabling custom gene delivery and silencing in close to any cell type, primary cells included.

Sirion’s major added value, and the research projects we can assist with are listed below:

Projects aiming at developing passive immunization strategies based on antibodies. We also support vaccine projects using our adenovirus vectors platform Ad19a/64 and can support projects with our lentivirus technology. Lentiviral vectors may be used for generating cell models and pseudotyped S-protein bearing particles can be used in neutralization assays.

We can also provide an Adenovirus construct expressing the extracellular human ACE2 receptor and the S-protein of SARS-CoV2, which we’re already cloning. The adenovirus vector is highly immunogenic and induces are good CD8 and CD4 immune response in mice and on-human primates, yielding good antibody titers.

AAV customization to build fully customized R&D vector systems from early discovery to late pre-clinical development stages. Services can include full vector optimizations and capsid modification.

For additional details or set up a con call with our scientists regarding COVID-19 and possible ways of collaboration please get in touch with us


Cell- 972-528-528-582

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