Creating Customized Solutions
When you conduct business far from home, you need someone on the ground to take care of your interests. Someone fluent in the local business culture who speaks your language and is dedicated to expanding your business. In Israel, that someone is ORYAN.

We’re proud to work with a diverse group of international businesses. In each case, we construct a customized, strategic package of professional services tailored to a specific vision, and requirements. Through our comprehensive process – we lead our clients through the following stages:

Preparation Phase:

  • Conduct market evaluation prior to entering the Israeli marketplace
  • Educate the market with regard to new products, services, ideas and solutions
  • Develop the business infrastructure necessary for creating sustainable growth

Building the Business:

  • Focus on market penetration, marketing & sales – targeting strategic customers and major corporate accounts
  • Handle sales processes with strategic potential clients
  • Establish relations and formulate agreements with first-rate local service-providers
  • Identify the right Israeli partners and channels, based on carefully defined priorities and criteria, and building solid partnerships
  • Handle the intricate Israeli bureaucracy.

Business Development, Sales and Follow up:

  • Handle direct sales until completion and order forms
  • Conduct long-term follow-up on the continued performance of local partners and representatives
  • Ensure customer relationships are sustained
  • Expand your business with existing customers and partners
  • Acquire new customers and partners in Israel
  • Formulate and implement innovative business concepts, which can grow into successful companies
  • Forge mutually beneficial bonds between foreign investors and startup initiatives.

What I’ve been doing over the past 20 years for organizations:

  • Finding what’s best
  • Being the most accurate
  • Bringing in strategic customers
  • Integrating creative thinking
  • Bringing agility and efficiency
  • Enjoying the journey

Outsourcing business development

We all know that to put someone “alien/foreign” in your business is frightening – especially when conducting business far from home. The distance between success and failure is very small and sometimes can be a difference of one good or bad deal, one wrong decision or choosing the wrong country, the wrong distributor, inaccurate timing etc. The optimum combination is having someone who can see and analyze the entire picture, think far and lead to results.

The benefits of our service model

“To know how to choose a path with heart is to learn how to follow an
intuitive feeling. Logic can tell you superficially where a path
might lead to, but it cannot judge whether your heart will be in it.”
Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.




  • By hour as advisory or consultancy role – implementation is done by the company
  • By defined project – setting objectives, targets and desired outcomes
  • Part-time position including overall planning, implementation and achieving results for you according to your budget and goals


Strategic planning and taking an active part in managing the process or alternatively, consulting only.

  • Assistance in closing both complex and ordinary transactions.
  • Assistance in negotiations and guidelines for profitable agreements
  • Assistance in closing and signing agreements
  • Targeted meetings for companies looking for investors – help writing the summary document and the program from a strategic perspective, guidance and assistance in closing the deal.
  • Accompanying CEOs and senior executives in the process of thinking about sales strategy and closing deals
  • Other issues requiring guidance and counseling in various commercial areas

* Consultancy is conducted within a few hours only as consulting or alternatively under a different route as proposed below

As part of a specified project

  • Setting up the project by time, schedule and budget
  • Strategic planning of the project and its various aspects according to the goals of the organization and its resources.
  • Moving the planning to defined execution stages
  • Responsibility for completion in accordance with the goals and objectives defined at the outset
  • Meeting schedule and budget


Part-time employment framework

Implementation of thinking and execution of processes defined by the company which will be addressed by us.We will take care of everything – end to end, from design to actual closing, responsibility for strategy, business development, sales, marketing and more. The work includes:

  • Strategic planning
  • Sales and marketing management
  • Identifying and managing distributors
  • Identifying and selling to strategic customers
  • Assistance in arranging the existing sales system, making it more efficient and generating profitable sales
  • Planning and active participation in exhibitions in Israel and / or abroad
  • Planning and managing marketing campaigns
  • Participation in tenders
  • The daily activity of making new sales and retaining customers as well as regular contact with clients, consultants, partners and distributors
  • Account management

In addition, Eran helps locate investors in Israel and abroad including strategic investors and international companies for joint ventures.

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