People always ask, in which fields do you have experience. After so many years and familiarity with so many areas, my high level strategic thinking and bringing in mega sales in Israel and the world breaks borders of types of activities and sectors.

We’re talking about the highest level commercial abilities.

Nevertheless, here are a few examples of companies and sectors where Eran has worked as a senior commercial manager including formulating strategies and strategic sales in Israel and abroad.

Travel Retail and commercial airports

A business of $60bn ,expected to achieve $120bn in 2025

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Water Technology

Israel water consortium

Shikun binui

Agriculture companies

One of the projects focused on linking Israeli companies to farms, associations and Italian agricultural companies around Expo Milano 2015. Read more



Technologies in the fields of semiconductors, mechanics and electronics

Hardware, software and hi-tech


Supply Chain (Logistics) – managing CYBER –  a company from the Programa group



Additional clients

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