Experts in Building International Business in Israel
For over two decades, ORYAN has been helping foreign companies achieve outstanding results in Israel with lucrative technology ventures.  Unlike some business development ‘matchmaking’ services, at ORYAN we offer a comprehensive, end-to-end solution, taking total responsibility for the entire business process from the first conversation until the all-important completion of a deal. After so many years of experience with dozens of companies from numerous sectors, we’ve developed a methodology and strategy that work independently of sectors or industries. If we are convinced then we will deliver the results.

Our Philosophy – Walk the Talk
At Oryan we practice a philosophy of purposeful action – ‘being walkers rather than talkers’. This means daring to dream and being able to execute these dreams. The Oryan way is to promise only what we can deliver and deliver more than we promise. In practical terms, our approach allows us to examine a situation clearly without background noise or assumptions – and act efficiently to realize targeted objectives. Our specialized tools and methods enable effective management, decision-making and results. In fact, Eran gives lectures about his philosophy, helping companies and managers move from being ‘talkers’ to ‘walkers’.

Macro Strategic Thinking

Companies both large and small do not always know how to identify the direction of the market, find new markets on time or utilize relevant business opportunities. They are often cumbersome, immersed in the day to day, held captive to the micro level, with the misconception that all their tactical moves may be right, but still not leading to the required results. At the end of the day, companies find it difficult to look ahead with the speed and creativity required in this new era of global, digital business. Outsourced business development led by Eran Eizik meets this need in particular due to the ability to see things in a professional, neutral way, both outside the organization and outside the box.

Your Trusted Local Partner
Managing and furthering your overseas operations in Israel can be both resource-intensive and challenging due to the long distance and the red-tape and unfamiliarity with local business practices.  Combining a profound understanding of our clients’ needs with an insider’s view of Israel’s complex business environment, we guide you step-by-step – effectively and cost-efficiently.
Results Oriented
Working with ORYAN means working effectively: we don’t waste our clients’ precious time on introductory meetings and on unprofitable deals, and we’ll never enter into a valueless sales process. Instead, we carefully vet potential deals, take care of all introductory meetings beforehand, filter out irrelevant candidates and kick-start promising business processes. Which means, when you arrive in Israel you’ll be meeting people that matter and attending third or fourth meetings with very specific agendas and goals.
Your Success
As your commercial and executive arm in Israel, ORYAN adopts your agenda as its own, and accompanies you as long as you need. You set the goals, fix the timeframes and determine the budgets, and we perform the tasks you specify: from initial market evaluation, through to selecting the right local associates, all the way to negotiations and deal completion.  Our competencies include: business strategy and planning, market assessment, marketing and business development, sales negotiation and JVs.

A Proven Track Record of Business Development

Over the last 22 years Oryan has acquired an all-inclusive view of the intricate Israeli business scene, building profitable business ventures between Israeli and global enterprises:

  • Winning strategic accounts and generating high-value, profitable deals
  • Creating strategic collaborations between Israeli enterprises and international solution & service providers
  • Implementing and supporting organizational solutions for a vast range of enterprises including water, clean tech, software, hardware, semiconductors and more

Professional Experience

From 1986 to 2007 – CEO, entrepreneur and Vice President of Business Development in a number of leading companies, including:

  • Daat-tourism company- Joint CEO
  • Cyber, Programa Group – supply chain solutions for retail companies – Entrepreneur and CEO
  • HP – VP Business Development and Sales
  • ONE1 (previously Direct Computing) –VP and Director of Professional Services
  • Incentives Solutions – VP Business Development and Sales

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